Thursday, March 31, 2011

An April Mini-Gallery

Gretel Girl hoops have taken over the mini gallery space in Irving Baby this month. They also have a secret saturday sale on this weekend...thats right, only 2 more sleeps till you can get your hands on dozens of vintage & retro loveliness along with many other treasures... IB is the place to be on Saturday.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Polaroid Love... sneak peek

I have fond memories of rummaging through the cupboards in my mum's room when I was young. She seemed to have an unlimited supply of 'treasures'.... one of my favourites was a green & gold glass jar filled with buttons. I would pour them out onto her neatly made bed & sort the buttons into groups according to colour, holes, size.  There weren't many, but it was a lovely assortment of buttons & seemed to bring me great joy... such a simple pleasure.  
Hidden in the cupboard of treasures was also a polaroid camera... almost always it had no film in it, except for one day when I took an accidental, random photo of the carpet. I was so sad that I had wasted a very precious instant photo. If I had known there was film, I would have at least stood in front of the mirror & taken a photo of myself. The emotions of this day came flooding back to me this week when I found an image of a girl with a polaroid camera... it has now inspired Gretel Girl's latest illustration, Polaroid Love.