Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matador & Me

For what seems like decades, we have had faulty lighting in our lounge, dining & kitchen. It is definitely on our To Do list for the (hopefully near) future, but rather than walk around in the evening with torches taped to our heads we use lamps. I am a big fan of the lamp and if I had the funds & spare power-outlets, I'd love to have the house full of them!
Ever since the first day of watching Ugly Betty I have desperately wanted one... or a set of matador lamps! Oh my unquenchable addiction. On one occassion I found these beloved lamps for sale online... price was ok, the colour was perfect, they were a set - just like in Ugly Betty's lounge room. Sadly, the seller would not post to Australia. Tear.
My search continues... but for now, this new little illustration will make its way to one of Gretel Girl's hoops & hang proudly on my wall.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Favourite Blog of the Week...

You have probably all seen my hoop illustration of Violet Bella (one of my favourites)... Wanna meet the real Violet Bella...well actually she is Lauren. She is stunning & talented & has the most wonderful blog. Seriously.
Happy Sunday to you all x x
photos by Lauren Mazurek

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The 'Walk a Mile' Quest


With the wintery days starting to surround me, I seem to be finding many a reason to consume all sorts of comfort food... and could probably benefit from a bit of exercise... However this particular 'Walk A Mile' quest has nothing to do with exercise & everything to do with your lovely shoes & feet.

I have wanted to extend my series of shoe-clad feet for a long time - I've decided to request your help! Yay!  Wanna get your feet drawn & printed & made available for the world to buy!?

Yes, your feet could be famous. All you need to do is send me a photo (from the knees down). You can post it on my Facebook or Email me.

If your feet are chosen you will also receive one of my lovely illustrated hoops!
Entries close 10th July 2011.