Friday, December 31, 2010

New Hoops at Etsy... Hello New Year

There are some new works in my Etsy shop... On a very hot & sticky day, I couldnt resist getting a bit of creative energy out. Sounds like its time for a cup of tea before the night's festivities begin! Happy New Year all! x x x

Friday, December 10, 2010

Luggage Tags got very cool

This is one of those moments that I sit here & say, "I wish I thought of that!" But I didnt... Bob & Mabel did.
They seriously have to be the coolest luggage tags ever. It has a plastic pocket on the back for all your details & a fabric tape loop for all the necessary attaching!

I can just imagine using one of these fine tags as a gift tag on a going-away present... yep, a double purpose present.  Buy them at Bob & Mabel's MadeIt Shop! Check out their blog for other wonderful things.

Feels Just Right

I unashamedly can say that I love making my 'hoop art'.  I often get orders for the same design, on the same fabric with the same sewing.... and I love the fact that there a person out there that wants my work! BUT...I get a thrill out of the new pieces... perhaps even the same illustration on different fabric, or with different sewing techniques, or with the addition of mesh, lace & doilies! With glee, I pull out all my fabric & lay a copy of the illustration on each of them all until one of them "feels just right".

I have many smaller pieces of fabric from op-shops or from favourite pieces of clothing... I find it hard to use these fabrics because I know once they are gone, they are gone for good and I cant just run down to Spotlight & buy some more. But when I hold an illustration to these fabrics & it feels like there is an instant marriage... then my scissors come out!

I am so excited about each piece I make, while also looking forward to my next op-shop adventure when I will source more "perfect" fabric for the next design!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I likey like.... Inaluxe

I seriously love their designs... if you are looking for Christmas presents... what a about one of Inaluxe's prints? Check out their blog also for tonnes of cool stuff. They have an Etsy Online Shop too... check it out here!