Monday, October 10, 2011


I have a friend who likes dogs, not so much in the sense that she would install kennels in her backyard & house a dozen dogs... But she owns a very cute white dog & she has some nice dog pictures & prints in her home. When I see a cute dog statue, or cushion with a dog silhouette printed on it etc, I think of this particular friend.

Well, on one particular day I visited her home and as we spoke I used the word 'hence'. She stopped me & with much amusement asked, "Did you just say 'hence'?" Yes, I had used the word 'hence' and I am actually quite fond of the word. I assumed everyone used the word 'hence' on a regular basis in order to introduce a logical conclusion. Mmm, apparently not. Suddenly I became quite aware of the level of 'hence-ness' in all my conversations.

In the past few weeks while designing my latest dog silhouette brooch I thought of my friend & couldn't help but be reminded of our 'hence' conversation. Even now, the word just makes me smile & I couldn't think of a better couple... 'hence' meets the dog silhouette.  It is truly possible that no one will ever want to buy & wear a Hence Dog brooch, but I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to make this particular piece! Crazy, I know.

For now, you can find 'Hence Dog', 'Tricky Fox', 'Shock Horror' brooches at Bowerbird Bazaar Market, 28-30th October 2011. Hope to see you there.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thank you Twine...

The first illustrated hoops I made had no wire on the back. In my mind, is was super easy to hang it from the little bolt at the top of the embroidery hoop. But then, I thought perhaps this would not suit everyone, so I added wire across the back. I took pride in making little notches in the wood for the wire to sit in, & carefully pulled the wire nice & tight so it would look neat & lovely. I patted myself on the back & smiled at how considerate I was to offer this hanging option. But then, only this week, I noticed that this straight wire on the back meant that the hoop could slip on nail/hook & end up looking all crooked. I did not like crooked at all. So, I began giving the wire some slack allowing the customer to bend it & make the hoop hang the way it was intended. Sadly, there was no back-patting at this point...the sloppy wire just didn't look nice.

Last night, I decided to use my favourite twine instead - yes, it costs more than wire, but hey, you are worth it! I may be biased, but the results are just lovely... the hoop hangs perfectly & the string fits in so well with the feel of the upcycled fabric. For now, I am giving myself a pat on the back....for now.

Here is also another illustrated plate... I still need to paint some little yellow footprints tonight. Oh yellow paint... I love yellow & after recently purchasing more paint, I couldnt help myself & ended up adding yellow painted details to ALL of my plate illustrations! I just couldnt stop. So much fun.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
x Trace

Saturday, October 1, 2011

All sorts of things...

Life has been happily busy in the past month... New Gretel Girl brooches have been designed, made & are now sitting in some lovely Adelaide shops.... some are even pinned on your coats (thank you so much for buying my brooches!) A second series of brooches have been designed & are currently being made. These will be for sale at Bowerbird Bazaar.... yes, yes, yes... I have been doing my happy dance at the news of being accepted into Bowerbird Bazaar. With less than 4 weeks to go, I am pretty much spending every spare moment making, drawing, sewing, creating.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading a Frankie Magazine (*sigh* I love Frankie) and saw a ceramic plate decorating article by Pip from 'Meet Me at Mikes'. I was inspired and immediately bought a ceramic marker & started illustrating plates. The plates are dishwasher safe & would be quite happy either hanging on your wall or perhaps serving up your breakfast toast! I have to admit it has been quite lovely & challenging just free-drawing - I cant sketch an outline first, there is no eraser or delete button - I kind of just cross my fingers & see what happens. I love these plates. If they don't sell at Bowerbird, I will be quite happy to have at home!

I have continued to pursue illustrating cushion covers & when I cant find the right cushion cover in an op-shop, I am making my own by up-cycling curtains & tablecloths & tea towels. Isn't it nice that art can be functional too? Now Gretel Girl has something you can throw on your couch; something you can pin on your jacket; something you can serve cake on; and something to hang on your wall. What a busy month is has been... a very fulfilling, wonderful, messy, busy month & Im sure the next 4 weeks will just be a blur too. Will you be in Adelaide at end of October? Hopefully I will see you at Bowerbird Bazaar