Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Maximilien Dress-up Doll

My little boy is now 3! Yes, 3 years have whipped past me & here I find a boy in front of me who is a real character. He loves to dress up... daily. He feels music in his bones & I have no doubt that he'll be some sort of musician one day. He loves people, especially his sister. He always wants tickles on his back at bedtime. His ruggie & dummy... well, we will have to find a way to wean him off those sometime soon. He is clever, affectionate, loving, funny, full of life... He is our little boy & I love him too much. 
I made him a Red Bubble tshirt today... I cant wait for it to arrive! 
Happy Birthday Maxie.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Love Lamp

It laid on the side of the road... a beautiful, abandoned, 3-legged chair. I did my best to fix it but a carpenter, I am not. I lathered on glossy lemon-coloured paint & waited in anticipation for it to dry.

It has prime position in my loungeroom, however my poor woodworking skills make it unsuitable for sitting... but my new ebay-purchased lamp seems to love it. His plump orange glazed body standing proud as punch on my lovely crippled chair.

It sits next to me glowing. Keeping me company as I sketch & read.

I love lamp.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Swinging Girl goes soft...

There are soooo many times that I want to draw a girl swinging, skipping, dancing. And so today, I have the pleasure of bringing Swinging Girl to your computer screen.
However, she will travel further, for in a few days time Swinging Girl will find herself for sale as a cushion cover! Is it possible that anyone will buy her?... maybe & maybe not.  So with the possibility of my hard work not selling, why do I persist to make, to draw.... Why do I keep dreaming of actually receiving some sort of income for the creative things that I love to do?

I draw & sew & paint & make for me I guess, because I love to...because something in me cries out to be creative. And... The thought of someone actually wanting to part with their dollars in exchange for my artwork seriously excites me.

I am oh so grateful for websites such as (an online shopping place for handmade wonders!).... but it is so easy to see the amazing things others are doing & wonder if I will be lost in the crowd?

Nevertheless, I will do it... even if I fail... I have tried.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Zorro leaves his mark

Prior to today, I have seen her once in the past 9 or 10 years. It seems totally ridiculous that that much time could have passed. Now, she is back in my life and I feel honoured to call her 'friend'. She is so lovely in many ways.... but let me just tell you of one particular thing... one of my experiences today.
We sit in my home drinking coffee, eating cake, talking... I find myself telling her things that express my vulnerabilities... I openly describe moments to her where I have made a fool of myself... I risk looking silly... I risk looking emotional... I risk looking weak... I allow myself to be myself, 'warts and all'.
I know I must sound terribly insecure right now as I blog about being vulnerable with a friend. I am not insecure. As my friend left my house today I realised how I hadn't had to pretend to be anything that I wasn't. We so often wear our 'masks' to hide our flaws, to cover up our inadequacies, to appear more of the person we think others want to see. There was no mask today. She allows me to be myself. She is not judgemental. She is open. She is honest. She is kind & funny. And when it is time to go home, she is one of those friends that you don't want to let leave! You feel refreshed after spending time with her.
She is the friend I want to be to others.
She is Bek.