Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rufus Rex Rocks

I cant even begin to capture the gorgeousness of this boy... but he is workin' it!... in Melbourne during fashion week.

Just wanted to brighten his mum's day, one of my favourite Melbournites!....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Domestic Doll

I was about 8 years old, standing at the kitchen sink in my Modbury North home. My exact words were "I want to be a house wife when I grow up". Even as I type it now, laughter gurgles up inside me! The concept of washing, sewing, cleaning, cooking, darning & organising was extremely appealing to me then.

Domestic Goddess... I am not. I do my best, but there are always more interesting things that can be done. The facts are though.... when you have a family, children need meals & school uniforms & school lunches; husbands actually need all those things too! Laundry is such a constant task that often overwhelms me... actually the whole concept of housework is definitely not crumpets with honey.

It is no secret that for most of my life I have sought to earn my value, find my worth by the things I do. Only recently have I realised that I am of great worth just because I am me... not because I have a blog, not because of anything I do.... I have value just because I am me! It has been a freeing revelation. But prior to this, I have fought against the 'value' that I feel from being a housewife & mother.... the 'house servant'... cleaning up the wee & poo from toilet training bottoms; the cooking; the dishes; the laundry; the constant tidying..... need I go on?

The other day I scrubbed a school uniform to erase some subtle stains. In the morning I presented the clean uniform to my daughter & pointed out its cleanliness. Uh-huh. A typical 6 year old response that didn't dampen my joy. I had beautifully cleaned her uniform & I didn't even have to! I enjoyed doing it for her.

There is something in me that wants to nurture... to make sure that my family leaves the house with clean clothes, with food & nutrition for the day... there is something in me that wants them to start each day knowing I love them & care for them. I want to provide the things they need for that day. That housekeeping-backpack is no longer weighing me down.... I do what I can, when I can. But the things I do - I do with love. I am grateful for what I have been given.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An invitation from India

"I watch a man sitting on a washing rock in the shallow waters of the river,
He is alone, removing himself far from the busyness of the main ghat, the children, dogs, postcard vendors, tourists...
He stares into the calmness before him, one foot playing with water.
I wonder what he is thinking... so much at peace it seems.

This time of day is wonderful - the light is pale & cool.
In a constant flow, dozens of small birds fly towards their nests in the ghat buildings, then back over the river, forming a continual net of activity over our heads.
Their sound is delicate & is a reminder that this place is more than just a site for tourists, this is a home for many.

Now he is doing his washing - beating the orange lungi that he was wearing only moments ago.
A huge boat of tourists slowly glides down the river.
The sky is beginning to blush - giving colour to the desert bank opposite us - a place that normally glows white in the fierce midday sun.

A young girl is pulling a small dog by the tail. It is impossible to ignore the dozens of sick dogs that live here... or the cows that share the 2nd floor of my guest house... the orange stained cement where men continually spit... the tiny alley ways that invite you to get lost... invite you into Varanasi... invite you to fall in love with India..."
(Tracy's travels, April 1998)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Warrior Chic

I'm a bit of a Tim Burton fan & was excited to see one of his latest movies this week. I was definitely not disappointed...it was brilliant. To sum it up, it was a story of identity & purpose & destiny. A girl entered a world where her identity was questioned by others & she even found herself questioning it. But there was an amazing strength in her & she was forced on a journey that allowed her to see who she was & where she was going. Mmmm... I am really not wanting to give too much of the movie away but....

In the last 3rd of the movie, she was confronted by someone who questioned her identity again. But she was not the same girl she was at the beginning of the movie. She responds by saying something like this... "My mother is Margaret Kingsley, My sister is Elise, & my father was Samuel Kingsley & he had a vision that reached halfway around the world. I am Alice Kingsley. I am his daughter! And....." Ok, so you just have to see the movie to hear it in full. The power of that dialogue is probably lost in this little blog, but sitting in that cinema I felt every word, I wanted to stand up & roar a cheer especially when I saw her go into battle & achieve what she never thought she was capable of!

I know who my family is & I am aware of all they have given me, of who I am because of them. But I also have a Father greater than my biological family... my heavenly Father. He knows me. He loves me. He created me with a future, with talents, with purpose, with destiny. He is amazing. He has a vision that doesn't just go half way around the world, it travels around the galaxy & back! I know Him. And I am his daughter! I know who I am.

Aaaah... The freedom, the strength in knowing who you are.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Paper Treasures

I have a favourite magazine. It is beautiful. It shouldn't even be called a magazine because that word carries the notion that it is disposable. My favourite magazine is not disposable, it does not find it self in the recycling bin. It is kept. A paper treasure in my bookcase.

These magazines speak of art & fashion & music & craft & life... they are an inspiration for me. Surely I should be telling the world about it? Encouraging you all to buy it also? Because in doing that I would be keeping the magazine's business going...helping their profits...keeping it on the racks!

But instead I keep my magazine a secret for the fear that everyone will also love it & then it will become 'mainstream'. Then it will be full of adverts. Then it will lose it's uniqueness & be tailored for the general public. Then I will lose my paper treasure.

(side note: happy birthday -for yesterday- to my beautiful friend Jo Kirk.... what a privilege is has been to have you in my life for the past 22 years! I love you)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skip, skip, walk

He was 8 or 9 years old & he was walking back his classroom. He was on his own. Suddenly he broke out into a skip! Yes, he skipped the rest of the way to class. It was free & easy & it just looked right. It made me smile.
Now, Im pretty sure that if I started skipping here & there, I would just look awkward. On top of that, most of you would probably laugh at me. We are often so moulded by what people think of us... by how they will judge us. Who knows, perhaps if this boy's friends were around the skipping may never have happened?
But today, he skipped.... like he didn't have a care in the world! How fab! Something in me leapt. Something in me wanted to skip too. Next time you see me I just may be skipping!... laugh at me if you like... I wont mind a bit.
(join me if you dare)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guitar Hero

Firstly, I must make clear that I am very happy just being the person I am. Even though the person I am...is not a musician, nor am I a great singer, I really can't even act...
Everytime I see a band play or watch some kind of performance... I sit there deciding who I would like to be... the cool tattooed chic on the violin?... the rocking guy on the guitar?... the lead singer with the afro?
Today I attended a morning tea to farewell some friends moving interstate. We all took turns to express how much we love our travelling friends & how much we will miss them. So many great things were said.... but then.... one person... one very talented person picked up his guitar & sang a song he had written!!!! aaahhhh!!! How cool is that?! The song was funny & meaningful, the roomful of people laughed at the witty lyrics & some eyes brimmed with tears.... it was awesome. For a moment I decided that I wanted to be the talented musician with the guitar, singing, making people laugh & cry.... but then I realised that if I was the entertainER, I would miss out on the treat of being entertainED!

Note to self: it is great to enjoy that we are all different, all talented in different ways.
2nd Note to self: If I ever decide to move interstate, I must ask Mr Guitar Hero to write me & dave a song!

(Special thanks to Jonny P for today's inspiration)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coffee Cuffs

You know those little cardboard sleeves that Starbucks slip over your papercup to stop you burning your fingers? (Sorry, Adelaidians... no starbucks for you anymore)... Well, while Googling vintage fabric last night, I stumbled upon something brilliant... coffee cup cuffs made from the sleeves of vintage shirts! Ingenious!

I am left thinking... why didn't I think of that?! I wish I had thought of that! I really wish I had thought of that.

These feelings are nothing new to me... I often find cool creations that I've thought of doing, only to find that someone else is actually already doing it! I find amazing creations that I know I am capable of making, but someone else has already accomplished! Sometimes (particularly in Melbourne) I find myself in shops & I am overwhelmed by the fact that local artists are doing the things that inspire me & things that I love to do... (if only the time & resources permitted)...

It would be easy to be glum & say "who needs me... others are actually doing what I have failed to do". NO. Today I am rejoicing because I know my mind is creative. I love the way I think. I love that I can make beautiful things. AND I am glad that I find so much pleasure seeing a vintage fabric coffee cup cuff!

(check it out here: http://keetsa.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/vintage-fabric-coffee-sleeve-etsy.jpg)

Piano Man

Last week I ventured into Adelaide with my sister to see a Fringe Show. Aaaah, how I love the Fringe & Festival & seeing the city alive with people. I have missed theatre & forgot how wonderfully confronting, moving & entertaining it can be. Compared to seeing a movie, you walk away from theatre shows wanting to discuss it... making the whole experience last longer. (Or perhaps Im just seeing the wrong movies?) I wanted to hug the actors at the end of this particular show. Thank you to my darling sister for taking me out.
We headed down North Terrace later that night to find herds of people admiring the artistically lit ornate buildings. The amount of tripods out that night was however, bordering on ridiculous. Our travels took us down Rundle Mall where I was greeted by something I had never heard before.... how was it possible that piano music was drifting throughout the mall 11pm on a Thursday night? We found a busker, an upright piano sitting on some custom-made trailer, a bicycle nearby, & a money bucket.... It was beautiful. Just watching this guy play was mesmerising... he was completely immersed in his playing... there was no sheet music, no recognisable song... just music that blended from one song to another. He didn't play for the money. He played cause it was in him.
I had no hesitation reaching for my purse.
Loving Adelaide