Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Swinging Girl goes soft...

There are soooo many times that I want to draw a girl swinging, skipping, dancing. And so today, I have the pleasure of bringing Swinging Girl to your computer screen.
However, she will travel further, for in a few days time Swinging Girl will find herself for sale as a cushion cover! Is it possible that anyone will buy her?... maybe & maybe not.  So with the possibility of my hard work not selling, why do I persist to make, to draw.... Why do I keep dreaming of actually receiving some sort of income for the creative things that I love to do?

I draw & sew & paint & make for me I guess, because I love to...because something in me cries out to be creative. And... The thought of someone actually wanting to part with their dollars in exchange for my artwork seriously excites me.

I am oh so grateful for websites such as (an online shopping place for handmade wonders!).... but it is so easy to see the amazing things others are doing & wonder if I will be lost in the crowd?

Nevertheless, I will do it... even if I fail... I have tried.

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