Monday, June 21, 2010

Please wear white

We had just over 30 minutes to get ready when we suddenly remembered that the birthday dinner had a 'Dress Theme'.... a WHITE dress theme. I have nothing against wearing white, its just that I find black more slimming? hides the dirt?...its forgiving?
I had nothing white to wear.
I don't even own a white t'shirt.
Not to fear.... cause I own a sewing machine!
Now before you all begin to think that I whipped up a whole outfit in 30 minutes, you are mistaken. Instead, I ripped the bottom edge off an old white sheet & with the help of a large vintage button, I created an oversized white hair-clip.  I thought it was lovely. It was white. And I was extremely proud of my speedy, yet fashionable solution.

Later that evening, I visited the restaurant's bathroom. I was busy washing my hands when a kind, elderly lady interupted me to give a compliment....
"What a lovely little hat" she said.
"Thank you", I replied.
She left the room and I smiled to myself... you know your hair-clip is over-sized when it is mistaken for a lovely little HAT.

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