Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mr Coconut Head

As I drove the car, my 6 yr old daughter sat in the back seat, talking constantly.... I am guilty of occasionally zoning out, while dishing out automatic responses to her questions.  On this particular day I heard her say..."Mum... what if we were driving in our car & we looked over and saw a man with a coconut for a head. And he was driving a coconut car. But don't worry, its just a story."  

Her zany, little story triggered the creative juices & I asked her to repeat what she said... "Ummm,... There was a guy back there with a coconut head!"   I laughed. She laughed. She had a look of pride and satisfaction on her face...her little story had made us all laugh. 

I couldn't get the image of it out of my head all day...
"There was a guy with a coconut head"
"There was a guy with a coconut head"
There was nothing else for me to do but to create a tshirt design of Mr Coconut Head.
He still makes me smile.

I love you Meekie-Moo

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