Sunday, January 2, 2011

Roller Derby Darl

I'm not sure what the appeal is... the costumes?... the fierceness?... the adenaline?... the rollerskates?... the tattoos (completely optional of course)?... the idea of women being strong, determined, & very non-girly?.... I dont know. But there is something about the Rollerderby Girls that I love!

As for me... I am a cryer. It is my emotional outlet. Despite what my friends may think, I have been trying to control my teary times - to not allow them to be the master! But I need them too. I am emotional & its part of who I am I think.  People see crying & relate it to being weak. I have many, many weaknesses. Many. But I am not weak.  There is a strength in me.  It is deep in me. But am I rollerderby material?... mmmm

I like the coolness & strength that the rollerderby girls display - although I'm not sure I could handle the bruises they walk away with.  In their honour, I found a retro photo & created this illustration.. its just a begining, a work in progress. I cant wait to see what it becomes...


  1. I have to take a moment to gush. I stumbled upon your Etsy shop this morning and was completely intrigued. What a lovely little hat made me want to read your blog and when I read the story behind it, I chuckled to myself in that way that you can also feel in your chest. So, you've moved me to want to follow you. (I hope that didn't sound creepy stalker like) I'm your newest fan :)