Monday, July 25, 2011

Hey Presto?!

First comes the idea, then the sketching, then the scanning & photoshop-ing, and the colouring. 
Then the printing & the reprinting for all the late night mistakes. 
There is the very important choice of fabrics & the wonderful op-shopping experience to acquire those fabrics. Then the marriage of an illustration & fabric. 
The addition of sewing detail is a subtle feature, but so important in my eyes & my favourite pieces always end up being those that are the most time-consuming! 
A hanging wire is attached to the hoop. Then, lastly the printed/sewn illustration can be stretched & fixed in the hoop. 
Presto!.. (I know, a ridiculous word to use for such a detailed process) its done! 

I need to sew pretty details & contour lines tonight, but I am ever so tired... the thoughts of Vintage Carousel keep me going... Not long now.