Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Meow likes to drum

A couple of months ago I was having a particularly crappy day... I was tired & a little stressed & I struggled to feel positive about anything! Unwashed dishes, an empty toilet roll, a cat that meowed for food... all these things seemed to push me beyond my limit. It is very possible that there were also tears over those petty issues. Ridiculous, I know (did I mention I was quite tired & stressed?!)  Anyway, I jumped in the car with my list of errands in hand, plugged in my ipod & grumpily hit 'Shuffle'.

And there it was.
A song I hadn't heard for so long.
The whole album is an absolute favourite for me.

How? oh how did my little ipod understand just what I needed at that moment!
I turned up the volume and every bit of air within my car danced with the music of The Cat Empire. As 'Sly' played I did my seated-driving-a-car-dance, I sang loud, and I drummed & drummed that steering wheel. Oh how I would love to be able to keep a beat (for longer than 9 seconds) and be a drummer in a band. But for now, I am sure that other motorists look at me with admiration for my awesome steering-wheel drumming talent!

Later that day, I decided that I needed to create an illustration in honour of The Cat Empire & their make-you-want-to-dance tunes. I tried several sketches of girls with cat's ears growing through their hair, cat headbands, or even cat's heads with a girl's body.
Nothing seemed to work.

Then, on one fine Wednesday afternoon, I bumped into my friend, Jules.
There she stood wearing a black coat with a fluffy, furry collar & on her head was the cutest furry cat ears headband! She looked adorable.
"I must draw you" I said.
And draw Jules I did.
Thank you Jules.
Thank you Cat Empire.

And here is your sneak peek for now - the rest will be revealed after next week's exhibition. I am feeling a little excited.

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  1. meow meow meow meow purr purr purr purrr drink milk drink milk drink milk! One HAPPY TAT CAT!Thanks for letting us into your beautiful creative blossoming world Gretel Girl ;0) meow for now x