Saturday, April 10, 2010

Serene Sally

What is it about winter approaching that makes me think of patience? Possibly it is just the current lesson in life I am learning & therefore I see it in every window. Today has again been rainy with occasional sunshine peeking through, like an unreliable friend. But my washing still hangs under the pergola, damp & threatening to perfume itself with odour of wet dog. I am trying to be patient.

Perhaps this is my problem with dressmaking... following a pattern seems so time consuming.  Halfway into the project & I desperately want to see the finished product!  So I rush it... I work without the pattern... I use pure guess-work & find myself with unwearable clothes.  

As for the comfort food of carrot cake... after a timely baking process, I must then further wait for it to cool before layering it with cream-cheese icing! It will be no surprise that most times our cakes are eaten without the indulgence of icing.

I know that I am learning patience.... I am so very slowly learning patience. But it is worth it, an investment in my life, in my marriage, in all my relationships. I try to look for it's lessons in every step I take & often watch myself fail. But failure doesn't show that I am weak... it shows that I have tried. 

The thought of patience growing gives me a great sense of both 
strength & 
Hello winter.... I know you are not far away... I am ready for you.

(Thank you to 'Love Dare'... a must read)The Love Dare
(Thank you to Renee who walks an amazing journey. Love you)

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  1. I love this so much! I love everything you do. Winter is my all time favorite time of the year! LOVE it. Cold, sweaters, hot cocoa, tea, warm muffins and books on the couch while the rain pours. This week has been a hard one for me but I felt like God gave me the perfect weather to get through it. Love you Friend, you amaze me every moment I know you.