Friday, April 9, 2010

Yellow Submarine

Is this what if feels like to have an addiction? Ha!... Possibly too strong a word. But, it would seem that every op-shop I drive past has various old wooden chairs out front... enticing me, teasing me, calling out in their little wooden voices. I want them. I want them all.  
For the moment, only one $5 chair has made it into my home. But I know there are more to come. What's more... I want to paint them all glossy yellow & glossy lemon & any other glossy shade of yellow I can find. But the paint must be thick & of course, glossy.   Oh.... I feel my heart warm just imagining them.... half a dozen odd, yellow, wooden chairs, gathered around on my deck waiting to entertain visitors. 

Today, while treating myself to an op-shopping afternoon I bumped into a gorgeous friend who kindly told me her favourite op-shop location. I was so impressed.... I know many who do not want to divulge their secret shops for fear you will buy all the 'good' stuff! But I sit here tonight ever so grateful for my friend's advice, as I am now the owner of a new pre-loved jacket. It was just sitting there waiting for me as I entered the shop... a perfect fit... a perfect price... like a gift just for me. So, to my beautiful friend I say 'thank you' because although it was my own money spent, it feels like a gift from you!

(love you Shannon)

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  1. oh trace you made me cry!!! you are the definition of every wonderful word God ever created, i love you too my precious friend xxx
    p.s. im sooooo praying for your little cafe full of yellow GLOSSY chairs and the most exquisite artwork i have EVER laid my eyes on gracing the walls with creativity...xxxxx
    p.p.s did you seriously do this insanely gorgeous picture in one afternoon???