Thursday, August 18, 2011

A night at Vintage Carousel

The rain had drizzled all day and I crossed my fingers & toes that the clouds would part and allow a warm afternoon sun to drink up all the cold & dreariness. But the sky seemed to prefer the company of its cloudy blanket. Evening headed in with its wet, dark blueness - a shade of blue that I adore. Rach turned on all Vintage Carousel's lamps & a wonderful sunny glow met the night. Is there any better lighting than a lamp? The musicians stood under the verandah warming up their instruments & voices... I stood watching in awe of their talent. Wine was poured while trays of food appeared, and then suddenly it seemed that the night had began... dozens of people mingled around me, art work was sold, treasures from Vintage Carousel were purchased, everyone seemed happy to hang out with friends in the drizzle. Opening night was a success & I went home just overwhelmed by all the encouragement I had received... honoured by the fact people would part with their money in order to buy my work... and I was proud of myself for the journey I had travelled the past year. Gretel Girl was now one year old... what a wonderful birthday party she had. 

Thank you to all that have made the journey to see the exhibition.


  1. the 'Dare to begin' and cushion of girl skipping are fantastic...available for purchase?! I loooove them (and the sophie cushion). I totally get the washing not being able to hang itself - what a shame really. I'm waiting for the washing machine that not only washes, but at the end of the cycle, becomes a dryer and does a wrinkle free dry cycle. x

  2. Hello darling... with your growing family I dont know how you keep up with washing!!!!! Lol! Hope you guys are well. You are so lovely to read my little blog... the 'Dare to begin' wall piece, 'Skipping Girl Cushion', and 'Sophie Cushion' are all sold. New works coming soon (hopefully) x x x x love to your beautiful family Tenny x trace