Thursday, May 19, 2011

Long Lost Friend

I am seriously trying to clean up my studio... which also doubles as the 'junk room'... and has also become a home to Dave's very large bike. Please know that I am super grateful for my studio, but it has become a little crowded & messy of late. And in my continual excitement of creating, I often neglect the cleaning up part.

Today, as I continued in my cleaning duties, I came across one of my sketch books. There were dozens of little drawings reminding me of many a night sitting on the lounge, listening to a TV show & drawing until my eyes were blurry & tired. Its funny, because they don't just feel like drawings in a book; the familiarity of the portraits make me feel like I have found a long lost friend! What a lovely feeling.

Here is one 'long lost friend' for you to meet... she is yet to be named & perhaps when she is finished, she will find herself on one of Gretel Girls hoops. But first... there is more cleaning to be done.


  1. hey, i have a dave too. and i wrote a post about gratitude today. studio space is the best space, it's true.

    your lady is lovely. she reminds me of an actor in 'breaking bad'. hoop her.


  2. I agree - she has a lovely pose, and those eyes! You have alllllmost inspired me to get cracking on my own messy sewing room...