Monday, May 16, 2011

Shoefiti...A True Classic

I am continually surprised by how much joy it brings me to see shoes hanging from the power lines. I am sure it is an absolute nuisance for the companies maintaining the power lines, and possibly quite upsetting if you are the owner of the shoes and a victim of some sort of bullying. But I cant help but smile each time I see them hanging there.

Well, after a quick Google, Wikipedia tells me that Shoefiti (shoe flinging) is a worldwide activity & infact in some places it is used to advertise the location of a 'crack house' or to mark the territory of gang turf. In some places the hanging shoes signify that someone has died & the shoes hanging are belongings of the deceased. Wikipedia says it may also be another manifestation of the human instinct to "leave their mark on" and decorate their surroundings. The list goes on...

Strangely, I think I was a little disappointed to see soooo many reasons behind the shoe-fling! There was something I liked about driving along to see sneakers hanging from the lines & to think that someone did that for no reason at all!

But it definitely made my day to recently find another hanging treat near our home. Remember those completely giant, oversized, wooden spoon & fork sets that people would mount on their dining room walls in the 60's & 70's? We now are able to appreciate them each day on our drive home... someone has kindly attached 'shoe laces' and flung them over the power lines also. Thank you... not sure about anyone else, but it makes me smile.


  1. Maybe a giant in the sky dropped his cutlery from a cloud? Sorry I've been reading to much Jack and The Beanstalk.
    How peculiar to see! I know the exact retro type you're talking about. Shoes on powerlines always make me wonder too.

  2. Oh my goodness... I love Jack & the Beanstalk. Just even reading the title brings back the 'feeling' i had when I would read that story as a child! I seriously wanted the whole magic bean concept to be true! Thanks Raine & Sage x

  3. There's a pair of shoes hanging on the power line on Kennihans Road, Happy Valley. Do you know the ones? Charlie pointed them out to me the other day and asked what they were doing there. I didnt tell him the drug story but it did come to mind. It always make me wonder how they get them up there in the first place. Might have to try with some of Jamie's shoes out front of our house. LOL..... :0)

  4. You brought a smile to my face just thinking about the giant spoon and fork - that's creativity!

    xx F