Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Mystery of Flying Kicks

I am super excited: The 'shoe fling' continues... and if you are in Melbourne you are in for a treat with the St Kilda Film Festival next week. You can see 'The Mystery of Flying Kicks'. (Thanks Tash for the heads up. Nice work Viron!)

"Murder, sex, drugs, art, politics… sneakers hanging on telephone lines have become a powerful urban symbol, inspiring genesis theories both hilarious and sinister. In an effort to get to the truth once and for all we asked the people of earth to help us solve this mystery. Using an on-line call out and a phone message bank, this documentary was made entirely from donated photographs, phoned-in theories, video, vlogs, and animation. The Mystery of Flying Kicks is the result of a unique digital collaboration between the filmmakers and the international public."
Umm... hello... Winner BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY - MIFF 2010!!!

Here's some links for ya:

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