Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not Sure When... a draft

My impatience to share with you is blatantly obvious (but perhaps you like to see the journey?) In my excitement, I couldn't even wait until it was finished... here it is, a new piece in its very early stages.

Its funny, because I look at this rough drawing & for a moment, I see what you probably see: an unfinished sketch with funny eye lashes on dirty paper. But then I see its potential to be something beautiful & amazing. I begin to dream about what fabric she will eventually be teamed with.  I imagine her (hopefully) hanging in an embroidery hoop on someone's wall.  

I look at her & hear her story, the circus of thoughts dancing in her head. I feel her doubts, her uncertainty.  She is not just black lines on a page... not to me. I am excited, and her journey has only just begun!


  1. I love your use of line! It's beautiful as an unfinished drawing, but will continue to look amazing through it's journey to 'hoop-dom'

    I like the new blog layout too!

  2. I think she looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see it completed.