Sunday, March 14, 2010

Warrior Chic

I'm a bit of a Tim Burton fan & was excited to see one of his latest movies this week. I was definitely not was brilliant. To sum it up, it was a story of identity & purpose & destiny. A girl entered a world where her identity was questioned by others & she even found herself questioning it. But there was an amazing strength in her & she was forced on a journey that allowed her to see who she was & where she was going. Mmmm... I am really not wanting to give too much of the movie away but....

In the last 3rd of the movie, she was confronted by someone who questioned her identity again. But she was not the same girl she was at the beginning of the movie. She responds by saying something like this... "My mother is Margaret Kingsley, My sister is Elise, & my father was Samuel Kingsley & he had a vision that reached halfway around the world. I am Alice Kingsley. I am his daughter! And....." Ok, so you just have to see the movie to hear it in full. The power of that dialogue is probably lost in this little blog, but sitting in that cinema I felt every word, I wanted to stand up & roar a cheer especially when I saw her go into battle & achieve what she never thought she was capable of!

I know who my family is & I am aware of all they have given me, of who I am because of them. But I also have a Father greater than my biological family... my heavenly Father. He knows me. He loves me. He created me with a future, with talents, with purpose, with destiny. He is amazing. He has a vision that doesn't just go half way around the world, it travels around the galaxy & back! I know Him. And I am his daughter! I know who I am.

Aaaah... The freedom, the strength in knowing who you are.

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