Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Piano Man

Last week I ventured into Adelaide with my sister to see a Fringe Show. Aaaah, how I love the Fringe & Festival & seeing the city alive with people. I have missed theatre & forgot how wonderfully confronting, moving & entertaining it can be. Compared to seeing a movie, you walk away from theatre shows wanting to discuss it... making the whole experience last longer. (Or perhaps Im just seeing the wrong movies?) I wanted to hug the actors at the end of this particular show. Thank you to my darling sister for taking me out.
We headed down North Terrace later that night to find herds of people admiring the artistically lit ornate buildings. The amount of tripods out that night was however, bordering on ridiculous. Our travels took us down Rundle Mall where I was greeted by something I had never heard before.... how was it possible that piano music was drifting throughout the mall 11pm on a Thursday night? We found a busker, an upright piano sitting on some custom-made trailer, a bicycle nearby, & a money bucket.... It was beautiful. Just watching this guy play was mesmerising... he was completely immersed in his playing... there was no sheet music, no recognisable song... just music that blended from one song to another. He didn't play for the money. He played cause it was in him.
I had no hesitation reaching for my purse.
Loving Adelaide


  1. The way you experience the piano player, in words and through drawing, moved me. You are the one who should be performing. You move me to tears with your talent!! You should exhibit when you come to New York.

  2. I felt the same way :)