Friday, March 12, 2010

Paper Treasures

I have a favourite magazine. It is beautiful. It shouldn't even be called a magazine because that word carries the notion that it is disposable. My favourite magazine is not disposable, it does not find it self in the recycling bin. It is kept. A paper treasure in my bookcase.

These magazines speak of art & fashion & music & craft & life... they are an inspiration for me. Surely I should be telling the world about it? Encouraging you all to buy it also? Because in doing that I would be keeping the magazine's business going...helping their profits...keeping it on the racks!

But instead I keep my magazine a secret for the fear that everyone will also love it & then it will become 'mainstream'. Then it will be full of adverts. Then it will lose it's uniqueness & be tailored for the general public. Then I will lose my paper treasure.

(side note: happy birthday -for yesterday- to my beautiful friend Jo Kirk.... what a privilege is has been to have you in my life for the past 22 years! I love you)

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  1. I think you'll find that others have already discovered Dolly Trace...