Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guitar Hero

Firstly, I must make clear that I am very happy just being the person I am. Even though the person I not a musician, nor am I a great singer, I really can't even act...
Everytime I see a band play or watch some kind of performance... I sit there deciding who I would like to be... the cool tattooed chic on the violin?... the rocking guy on the guitar?... the lead singer with the afro?
Today I attended a morning tea to farewell some friends moving interstate. We all took turns to express how much we love our travelling friends & how much we will miss them. So many great things were said.... but then.... one person... one very talented person picked up his guitar & sang a song he had written!!!! aaahhhh!!! How cool is that?! The song was funny & meaningful, the roomful of people laughed at the witty lyrics & some eyes brimmed with tears.... it was awesome. For a moment I decided that I wanted to be the talented musician with the guitar, singing, making people laugh & cry.... but then I realised that if I was the entertainER, I would miss out on the treat of being entertainED!

Note to self: it is great to enjoy that we are all different, all talented in different ways.
2nd Note to self: If I ever decide to move interstate, I must ask Mr Guitar Hero to write me & dave a song!

(Special thanks to Jonny P for today's inspiration)


  1. I knew it was Jonny the minute I saw the picture! So funny! Tracy you are amazing!

  2. Crystal!... did you really? Too funny. Dave said the same thing! YOU are amazing Crystal... hope the little bundle is growing nicely x x x